You’re an engaged parent working hard to raise empathetic, connected and empowered children. In today’s world, you know that raising children who speak out against discrimination and bias is crucial to creating a better future for us all.

Despite your best intentions, sometimes the stress of work, life and raising kids makes it hard to keep your own peace.

You’re tasked with doing too much, in too little time, and supporting everyone around you. Even though you talk about creating peace and justice in the world, you’re not feeling peaceful yourself, and it impacts your relationship with your kids:

  • Sometimes you yell in frustration and regret it later.

  • You use punishments and threats to maintain order, but worry it sends the wrong message about power and control.

  • Sometimes your kids are inconsiderate or down right mean and you wonder - where are they learning this stuff?

There’s a gap between what your heart wants and what you’re creating in your relationships. You know that your kids learn from what you do as much as what you say, and that isn’t always a good thing!

It’s time to get rid of old patterns that aren’t serving you or your family. Your kids deserve it and so do you. It’s time to return to peace.

Are you ready to get started?