What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process of discovering what is most important to a person (or group) and creating intentions and actions to manifest the change that is desired in work, relationships and life. Coaching is based on the premise that each person is totally worthy, wildly smart, and creative beyond measure exactly as they are. Coaches take the stance that the client has the tools they need to tackle their own challenges. From this place of deep belief coaches invite their clients to work in partnership envisioning and manifesting the world they want to create. Coaching takes a heart centered look at the future to decide what needs to be transformed in the present.

How does coaching work?

Each coaching relationship is tailored differently to meet the needs of the client. Coaching sessions happen twice a month over the phone.  In between sessions clients may have some reflection, noticing or fieldwork they choose in order to keep their learning alive from the session.

Who is coaching for?

Life coaching is for anyone who has a yearning or desire for more in their life.  People work with a life coach to:

  • Change careers

  • Manage life transitions (finishing school, moving, ending a relationship)

  • Improve relationships with loved ones

  • Create personal balance

  • Get started making a dream a reality

  • Discover their purpose and how they can make a difference in the world

  • Be more effective in their work and lives

Do you only work with parents, teachers and kids?

I work with all sorts of people!  I love working with parents, teachers and kids because I know the impact that coaching can have on the lives of young people.  But coaching is great for anyone who is ready to get unstuck and willing to do the work of reaching for the next best version of themselves.  

How long is a coaching relationship?

Clients start out with an initial 3 month commitment.  Each person coaches for different periods of time depending on their goals.  Many people coach between 6 months and a year.  


Do I need to have a specific goal to start coaching?

Having a goal is great, but not required.  Many people start coaching because they are clear they are stuck in some way.  More important than a clear goal is a willingness to embrace change.

What is kids coaching?

Coaching is a transformational relationship for both the client and the coach.  This is no different when coaching kids!  Kids are insightful, intuitive, and deeply attuned to the knowledge of their bodies and their emotions.  When coaching kids I start with deep validation of the things they already know, and get curious about what would help them grow their toolkit and make change in their lives.  Each coaching relationship is different based on the needs of the child and the developmental skillset (attention, relational skills etc.) and can be on the phone or in person.  Sessions may involve talking, writing, drawing, playing and more!

How do I find out more about workshops for my school or community?

I offer workshops and consultations to groups looking to bring coaching skills and an asset based mindset to their school or community.  Each relationship is different based on the needs of the group.  To find out more please contact me.