Discovering the Self as a Self Directed Learner

The Who:

This workshop series is for students that are self directed learners including: un-schoolers, democratic free schools, Sudbury Valley Schools, and more.

The What:

In this group we set out to answer these questions:

  1. Who/what is the Self as a self directed learner? 

  2. How can understanding of what the Self is/isn't support students to succeed as self directed learners?

Using an interactive framework, students learn to converse with conflicting parts of themselves, discover where their true motivations live, and how to work with thoughts and feelings that often prevent follow through.  

The Why:

Because self sabotage is real. So often as a free school teacher I witnessed students get excited, set a goal for themselves and never follow through. It feels bad to repeatedly not reach goals you set, and it can mess with your confidence if you don’t know how to get out of the cycle. Discovering new tools to stay Self led is a game changer for learning and for living a happy and purposeful life.


Enrollment for Discovering the Self as a Self Directed Learner is currently closed.

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