Coaching 101 for Parents

The Who:

This series is for parents who…

  • Want to create a richer, more connected family life

  • Want new tools to empower children

  • Want to connect with other parents

  • Are open to personal growth and change

The What:

Coaching 101 for Parents is a 6 part webinar series meeting every two weeks.

Parents will learn:

  • How to embody the coaching mindset

  • An asset based model for seeing past problems as they present on the surface

  • How to empower ourselves and children

  • A framework for coaching in everyday life

  • A model for appreciation that isn’t coercive or manipulative and supports connection

The Why:

Because it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of punishment and rewards when the focus on fixing “bad behavior.” Because empowering children to think critically is a lot more fun and rewarding than being a disciplinarian. Because coaching skills really work, and living a peaceful, engaged and connected life with your kids is right around the corner.


Enrollment for Coaching 101 for Parents is currently closed.

If you would like to bring this series to your school or organization, or to be notified when the next session is starting please fill out a quick form and I will be in touch soon: