How does coaching work?

Each coaching relationship is tailored differently to meet the needs of the client. Coaching sessions happen between 2 and 4 times a month over the phone.  In between sessions clients may have some reflection, noticing or fieldwork they choose in order to keep their learning alive from the session.  

How long is a coaching relationship?

Clients start out with an initial 3 month commitment.  Each person coaches for different periods of time depending on their goals.  Many people coach between 6 months and a year.  

Do I need to have a specific goal to start coaching?


Who is coaching for?

Having a goal is great, but not required.  Many people start coaching because they are clear they are stuck in some way.  More important than a clear goal is a willingness to embrace change.


Life coaching is for anyone who has a yearning or desire for more in their life.  People work with a life coach to:

  • Change careers
  • Manage life transitions (finishing school, moving, ending a relationship)
  • Improve relationships with loved ones
  • Create personal balance
  • Get started making a dream a reality
  • Discover their purpose and how they can make a difference in the world
  • Be more effective in their work and lives