Totally worthy, wildly smart and creative beyond measure, exactly as you are.

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Coaching is a collaborative process of discovering what is most important to a person (or group) and creating intentions and actions to manifest the change that is desired in work, relationships and life.  Coaching is based on the premise that each person is totally worthy, wildly smart, and creative beyond measure exactly as they are.  Coaches take the stance that the client has the tools they need to tackle their own challenges.  From this place of deep belief coaches invite their clients to work in partnership envisioning and manifesting the world they want to create.  Coaching takes a heart centered look at the future to decide what needs to be transformed in the present.    



Sometimes it is useful for everyone in the family to work with a coach!  Each person (adult and child) coaches independently on their own aspirations and challenges.  By embracing their own transformation, often parents and children can see family patterns in a new light and work together to create the loving connection that they desire.  

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Coaching is a transformational relationship for both the client and the coach.  This is no different when coaching kids!  Kids are insightful, intuitive, and deeply attuned to the knowledge of their bodies and their emotions.  When coaching kids I start with deep validation of the things they already know, and get curious about what would help them grow their toolkit and make change in their lives.  Each coaching relationship is different based on the needs of the child and the development skillset (attention, relational skills etc.) and can be on the phone or in person.  Sessions may involve talking, writing, drawing, playing and more!



Ben has awakened a natural curiosity in Fionn to explore more fully answers to larger questions . Fionn is beginning to discover his natural gifts .
— Michael, Parent of 12 year old boy
Ben has really encouraged and supported my somewhat shy daughter in using her voice. He has created a safe and comfortable environment to where she has been able to open up and express herself fearlessly. This has allowed her to grow socially and express herself impact that has positively been instilled in her for life.
— Dawn, Parent of 12 year old girl
Ben has had such a positive impact on my family as a whole. My child has learned personal and social growth that will positively impact her for a lifetime. After a year with Ben I have noticed a new level of confidence and growth in my child and I am so thankful to his positive influence and encouragement.
— Dawn, Parent of 12 year old girl


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